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Invited as one of the 11 representatives from the private sector

1 Tem 2022

We are Invited to Prestigious Panel on Universal Access to Digital Oral Health: A Milestone Achievement.

We are honored to be among the exclusive group of 11 companies invited to the esteemed "Dialogue with Key Stakeholders on Universal Access to Digital Oral Health" panel organized by MedVallée and the University of Montpellier. Taking place at the Montpellier City Hall on September 7, 2022, this event brings together health experts, renowned academics, and chief dental officers from the World Health Organization. As a member of the private sector alongside industry giants like IBM, we will proudly present our ongoing project, highlighting the implementation of AI in pediatric dentistry. This opportunity marks a significant milestone in our journey as a small start-up, providing us with a platform to be seen and heard on a global stage.


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